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měi shí 美食

culinary delicacy, fine food, gourmet specialty

What We Believe

We believe in excellence.  Everything we do, we believe in

challenging the status quo.  we believe in thinking differently about

the way life can be experienced and enjoyed.   

our meishi oysters are proof.

Experience the Meishi Difference

enjoy gourmet


Premium Quality and Dependability

Our reliable and tested farming practices ensure premium oysters with every order.

"You simply must experience the Meishi difference!  Samish Bay has never produced a finer oyster!  Premium quality is the clear priority of this farm - easily setting the industry standard for gourmet oyster cuisine."


Our Farm

Unique Above Ground Cultivation Methods

Our state-of-the-art and fully sustainable cultivation methods yield premium oysters year around.  Raising oysters off the ground provides several key advantages to oysters taste and quality:​

  • Higher nutrition absorption resulting in healthier and more vibrant oysters.

  • Significantly decreased exposure to oceanic pests and toxins.

  • Consistent growth rates and quality control.

Think all oysters are the same? Think again...

  • The Meishi process beings by planting only the highest grade seed in the most nutritionally rich spaces of Samish Bay.

  • While growing, our oysters are inspected daily for healthy and timely growth, ensuring development is on track by monitoring water quality and environmental conditions.

  • Right up until they are harvested, our oysters are gently tumbled twice a day by food-bearing tides which stimulate healthy meat development - producing deeper cups within eat oyster.

  • We pride ourselves in maximum freshness, which means our oysters come directly from the bay and not storage.


Ocean Fresh
Utterly Unique
Premium Quality

Order Meishi today and enjoy

Next Day Delivery

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